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Sales Brings ‘Em In, Service Keeps ‘Em In

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The high cost of client acquisition necessitates that the service side of your business do outstanding work not just in delivery, but in retaining and expanding accounts. When the service team takes the lead in keeping and growing current customers, sales is given the freedom to add more new business at brand new clients. Companies that do this grow faster as they retain their core customers while enjoying an influx of new business at new and existing accounts.

In almost every case when an organization experiences a decline in revenues in a healthy market the problem can be traced to the service side of the operation. Even if the sales function brings in new business, the best the company can hope for is cyclical periods of growth and decline perpetuated until the service team steps fully into its responsibility of keeping clients in the door and on the books of the firm.

Scott WintripSales Brings ‘Em In, Service Keeps ‘Em In
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