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Improve the Gender Flow: How to Celebrate Women and Improve Your Organization

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International Women's DayI believe that all lives matter. Not just those that are black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, male or female. Each life is important. Every person has a purpose.

Does this mean that the “lives matter” movements are unnecessary? No. Just the opposite. The need for these movements shows us that our world is imperfect and imbalanced. Raising a voice about one group does not diminish another. It calls to light that there’s still work to be done.

Today, International Women’s Day, is our opportunity to make progress. Since I focus on hiring, I suggest making progress in these four areas:

  1. Enrich the genders in your talent flow.
    Many organizations have an inconsistent flow of job candidates. Often, that flow contains more men than women. Tapping in to more female talent will give your organization the candidates you need and women more career opportunities.
  2. Speed up the hiring process.
    People’s lives are busier than ever. Multiple rounds of interviews drain valuable time and unnecessarily delay hiring decisions. Take a hard look at your hiring process and cut out wasted effort. You’ll have more time to get work done. The women and men who interview with you will gain back time to devote to their lives and families.
  3. Treat equal pay as a moral imperative.
    Pay people based upon the value they provide, not their gender. Rewarding value encourages all workers to keep delivering more value.
  4. Create a rising tide of talent.
    Organizations are only as strong as their leaders. Strong organizations gain strength from a variety of viewpoints from a variety of people. Supporting women in their succession into managerial and executive roles enriches your organization’s collective wisdom

Let’s honor and celebrate people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders. And on this day, this special day, take at least one action that will improve the lives and careers of women.


Scott WintripImprove the Gender Flow: How to Celebrate Women and Improve Your Organization
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