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Professional Sportsmanship

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageWatching the Florida State football team lose to Oregon on New Year’s Day was not shocking nor disappointing, given the impressive performance of the Ducks. What was disheartening was the poor sportsmanship displayed by both teams; many of the Seminoles headed to the locker room instead of shaking hands with the victors, and several Oregon team members openly mocked Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and the accusation of sexual assault that has followed him for the past year.

Situations such as these are unfortunate and avoidable, requiring only that the teams and their leaders make different choices. We each have this choice every day, as we can elect to compete with pride instead of engaging in practices that undermine the integrity of our industry. This includes…

…sharing value versus making negative statements about competitors.

…focusing conversations on ROI instead of attempting to compete on price.

…making commitments that can be met or exceeded instead of over-promising and under-delivering.

As we begin the year, my hope is that firms across the globe will rally to land more market share while winning more of the hearts and minds of buyers. As long as we engage in professional sportsmanship, there’s no valid reason why the vast majority of decision-makers can’t be raving fans of the value, flexibility, and responsiveness delivered by staffing and recruitment services.

Scott WintripProfessional Sportsmanship
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Playing Dead: A Terrible Way to Sell – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

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So, what will they do this weekend? The zombie run? The stunt double play?

In case you missed it, college football added something new last weekend to the playbook. During a fake punt attempt against the Miami Hurricanes this past Saturday, Arkansas State’s Booker Mays attempted to distract his opponents by falling over, stiff as a board, at the start of the play. While laughable, that’s the extent of the benefit from this ridiculous attempt at innovative play as the punt turned pass was intercepted by the Hurricanes.

All too often, how some people sell isn’t much better than the histrionics employed by Mays. Dramatic diatribes about the competition, long-winded feature-benefit laden presentations, and other selling stunts are no better than just falling over and playing dead in front of the customer. In fact, I’m sure many buyers would rather the salesperson keel over than have to go through all of the convincing, influencing, and convincing that often comes with selling.

The sales experience, done right, is a collaboration wherein buyers convince themselves to buy. Buyers always believe themselves, but only sometimes, if ever, believe a salesperson. We need to let the better closer close, and that’s not us.

Booker Mays was selling, but the Miami Hurricanes weren’t buying it. Are customers buying into you? Play games like Mays and the answer will be a definitive “no.”

Scott WintripPlaying Dead: A Terrible Way to Sell – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day
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