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Antoinette Tuff – Today’s Radical Accountability Hero

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Doing the next right thing can save lives, even if you’re not an “official” rescuer, such as a firefighter or police officer. Antoinette Tuff, bookkeeper at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, successfully talked a gunman in to turning himself in this past Tuesday. He had entered the school with an assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.

As Tuff shows us, Radical Accountability is something that can be practiced by everyone. And when it is, amazing things happen. She faced down death, which demonstrates that people everywhere, including leaders of companies and governments, have the capacity to face the tough stuff as well. That is, if they make that choice.

Thank you Ms. Tuff’s and congratulations on being the latest Radical Accountability Hero!

This segment features companies, organizations, industries, and even individuals who exemplify the power of Radical Accountability (the Heroes who have committed to an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most) and the need for it (the Zeroes).

Scott WintripAntoinette Tuff – Today’s Radical Accountability Hero
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