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Death and Your Instincts

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Early this morning I awoke feeling anxious, my thoughts focused on people I’ve not seen in years. This made no sense, leaving me wondering if something had happened to them. Something did happen, just not to them.

My dear friend Ben, a brilliant and talented researcher for a major university has been battling cancer and seemed to be making significant progress, the chemo doing its job driving the cancer towards remission. In a lunch with him last week, he was talking about the progress and making plans for his future, including the new car he was planning to treat himself to in the Fall.

Minutes after getting out of bed this morning, I learned that an untreatable infection will take his life and that hospice has been called in. While my instincts were not specifically about him, clearly my head and my heart knew something was very wrong.

I find myself filled with a mixture of emotions – deep sadness for my friend, grief for the loss his three children are about to experience, and awe at the power of my intuition. At a recent visit to a client in Southern California, I spent time emphasizing the importance of trusting your instincts and sharing research that backs up the power of these internal devices, include the work of Dr. Paul Pearsall, author of “The Heart’s Code” and “Wishing Well.” In his research, he illustrated that there is a tremendous amount of electromagnectic energy that our bodies both transmit and receive from one another. In a keynote, I heard him refer to us as “towers” that send and receive signals.

These instincts not only serve us in deeply personal situations, they are also there waiting for us to tap into them with our customers, colleagues, candidates, vendors, and prospects. Pay attention to them, as they will help you understand more, deepen rapport, expand relationships, and make vital human connections that will bring value to both you and those you work with.

While none of this makes my emotional pain regarding my friend Ben any less, it does remind me of the tremendous gifts and powers we all have as human beings. Use them well, use them for good, use them to do your part in making the businesses and lives of your customers better each day.

Scott WintripDeath and Your Instincts
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