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The Boss is the Problem (The Wall of Ideas)

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StaffingU and the Wintrip Consulting Group recently sponsored the Wall of Ideas, an idea exchange done graffiti-style, at the most recent Staffing World. This is the second in a series that I’ll share over the coming weeks along with commentary on how to employ these in your firm.

The Boss and Leaders are the Problem

Listed several times, people spoke out, through the Wall of Ideas, that their top leadership challenge was the managers themselves. Over the past decade plus of conducting interviews and focus groups during consulting engagements, three key issues have been undermining the credibility and effectiveness of leaders:

  1. Persistent and frequent changes in direction or strategy (often referred to by staff as the “flavor of the week”)
  2. Lack of appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgement for the efforts, contributions, and value of the efforts of individuals and the team
  3. Inconsistent or non-existent accountability

While the first two are not a surprise to most leaders, the third, a hunger for accountability, opens many eyes. Employees held to fair and consistent standards and metrics feel more secure, believe they are valued team members, and produce better results. Even though they cannot always articulate why, people in companies where there is weak accountability often share feelings of insecurity in their jobs, disappoint at a perceived lack of appreciation, and a belief that the grass is greener and the rewards better somewhere else.

Scott WintripThe Boss is the Problem (The Wall of Ideas)
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