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Why, Hire Slow, Fire Fast is Dead Wrong!

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How can you speed up the hiring process while making sure you hire the right person? Bestselling author and Top 30 Global Leadership Guru Dov Baron and I discuss concrete steps you can take in this segment of his award-winning podcast.


Scott WintripWhy, Hire Slow, Fire Fast is Dead Wrong!
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The Recipe for Loyalty – How Staffing and Recruitment Firms Can Gain and Keep Buyer Trust

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With a satisfaction score of -4%, the staffing industry has some work to do. In this podcast, Scott shares five ways to improve trust, reputations, and loyalty.

Scott WintripThe Recipe for Loyalty – How Staffing and Recruitment Firms Can Gain and Keep Buyer Trust
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The Disloyalty of Customers


Scott's Monday Morning MessageThere’s an “affair” going on and it’s not just a tacky television series on the Showtime network.

Thousands of people are deemed unfaithful every day, including:

  • Hiring managers who circumvent their corporate recruiters.
  • Managers who work with a staffing vendor not on the approved list.
  • HR leaders who agree to work exclusively with one recruiting firm, yet, still give business to others.

Why does this happen? A human resources executive in Kansas City, Missouri recently said:

“I have a rolodex of ten agencies. One is our preferred staffing vendor; the other nine our backups. If the first one can’t fill the job today, I call the rest. The next one that appears able to fill it gets my business. I know I’m not alone in this. My colleagues tell me they do the same thing.”

Faithful business relationships are a two-way street. On the recruiting side, this means continuing to deliver quality and increasing the speed of delivery. 

If you don’t deliver fast and accurate hires, chances are that your customers are glancing over their shoulders. They’re looking for a more attractive partner who better meets their needs. 

Scott WintripThe Disloyalty of Customers
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Why Aren’t Buyers More Loyal?

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageI bet many reading this share my love of great coffee. We each go to a particular coffeehouse, knowing that our desire will be satisfied. Our loyalty is born out of the quality of the brew and being able to get it each time we walk in the door.

However, let’s say that next Monday my go-to provider runs out of coffee. No problem. I just grab a cup of inferior joe at the office.

On Tuesday, the same thing happens. They run out again. No time to stop somewhere else, so another mug of inferior joe.

Wednesday, I leave a little earlier from the house, just in case. And good thing I did. They’re out again for a third day in row.

Just a few blocks away is a competing coffeehouse. Not only do they have a dark roast; it’s just as good as my favorite. Or make that, former favorite. Because now I go to the new place each day.

I guess it was time for a change. One that happened simply because my trusted source wasn’t so trustworthy.

Too many staffing and recruitment firms suffer from this same issue. Buyers need an engineer, office worker, or welder yesterday. But the staffing service often can’t deliver the right people today.

The reason there is so much competition isn’t just about price, flexibility, or value. None of those matter when there is nothing to buy.

Earning the loyalty of today’s buyers requires that staffing and recruitment firms meet all of their needs. In this on-demand world of ours, this now includes allowing people to buy now, not later.

Scott WintripWhy Aren’t Buyers More Loyal?
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