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50 Years and Counting

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50 years ago today, a young couple took their vows, pledging to see things through, for better or worse. As the son of these two quirky human beings, I look back at the decades of their marriage and marvel at all they have been through. In particular, while I was in high school, when Dad walked out the door telling Mom he was “done.” Half a century later, they have always found a way to work through their issues and build a stronger relationship. Just a few weeks ago, they bought each other anniversary rings to celebrate this milestone and their lives together (which is both sweet and cheesy, but hey, that’s my parents).

As a divorced man who is now remarried, I know that not all relationships were built to last, and that prolonging dysfunctional ones is harmful and counterproductive. This holds true in personal and professional life. Some relationships with employees and clients merely hit rough patches, while others should be brought to an end for the benefit of all parties involved.

Honest assessment of any “marriage,” including employment or partnership with a customer, starts with an appraisal of the state of the relationship. If it’s good, why is it good? If it’s not, what’s missing or not working. When a relationship is in trouble, an important question must also be explored: What’s more mutually beneficial—working through the issues or going separate ways. Rigorous honesty promotes the natural process of ebb and flow in relationships that is part of business and personal life.

And, by the way, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Scott Wintrip50 Years and Counting
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May It Rain on Your Sales Day

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A year ago today I married the beautiful Holly in New York’s Central Park. What a day that was, a mixture of bliss, joy, and anxiety. No, I wasn’t anxious about marrying her, nor did it have anything to do with fear that one of our guests would get awkwardly drunk and start removing their clothes (although that would have made for an interesting blog post). It was about rain on our wedding day.

While marital lore says this brings good luck, the approaching storm looked like anything but a good omen. Moments before the ceremony, I found myself telling God, “you can’t let it rain and screw up my wedding.”

Well, it did rain, forcing us to move mid ceremony from Shakespeare Garden to the pagoda beside Belvedere Castle, joining 100 plus New Yorkers and tourists sequestered by the rain. On went our ceremony with our wedding party now tripled in size. Within moments of the move the rain stopped, but almost everyone stayed.

Complete strangers chose to temporarily suspend their plans and celebrate the joining of two lives. They took pictures, beamed from ear to ear, and even shed a few tears of joy. When our minister asked the assembled biological and extended human family if they would support us in our marriage a booming chorus, much louder than I had ever expected, exclaimed, “We will!”

The moral of the story: I was wrong to believe a little rain could ruin such a blessed event. Rain brought together people who would have otherwise never benefited from the presence of one another.

Today, you’ll be in an elevator, sitting next to someone on a plane, or behind a man in the queue for coffee that you’ve seen before but have never spoken to. You get to decide if this person remains a stranger. By reaching out, you may just end up meeting your next friend, customer, referral source, or even life partner. Or, you may just end up making someone smile as you compliment him on his tie. All good outcomes.

Every day these seemingly random “rainy” moments give us opportunities to connect with one another. You may call this coincidence. I’m convinced that it’s the universe’s way of remaining anonymous.

In the practice of Sales Yoga, we don’t believe in going it alone. Sales, when done right, is always a team sport where we go it together. Without being pushy, smarmy, or manipulative, we see each moment as an opportunity to touch the lives of others while staying open to the possibilities to be of service.

So, Happy Anniversary Holly. May we continue to be blessed by many more rain showers!


Scott WintripMay It Rain on Your Sales Day
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Meaningful Marriages

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“Faithful and committed relationships offer a door into the mystery of spiritual life in which we discover this; the more we give of self, the richer we become in soul; the more we go beyond ourselves in love, the more we become our true selves and our spiritual beauty is more fully revealed. In marriage we are seeking to bring one another into fuller life.” – Homily from the Royal Wedding by Dr. Richard Chartres, Anglican Bishop of London

Meaningful marriages are not limited to couples as the bond between employer and the employed presents the opportunity for both parties to bring one another into a fuller life. The diverse backgrounds of employees brings a richness to the knowledge base of a company while the company provides a venue for the employee to utilize their talents and abilities.

To avoid employment divorce, this relationship must be nurtured and fed on a regular basis to ensure both parties are getting their needs met. Take time this week and invest in your corporate marriage. You may just find that you fall in love with one another all over again as a result.

Scott WintripMeaningful Marriages
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