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Pepto Bismol for the Verbal Vomit

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Watch many salespeople and you’ll observe the spewing of factoids, details, and feature-benefit chunks of information all over prospective clients. Even leaders often engage in this projectile-like communication as they tell their subordinates what to do and how to do it.

For decades, great lip-service has been given to the idea that we should listen more than talk and that we were given two ears and one mouth as proof. Yet, many spouting this wisdom continue to inundate those around them with voluminous amounts of words.

No one likes to be thrown up on and it’s certainly no way to start or grow an important relationship. Instead say little, ask lots of provocative questions, and build and deepen your connections with others as a direct result. Not only is this soothing, like a spoonful of Pepto, it’s also a mega-dose of vitamins to establish and grow healthy, long-lasting partnerships.

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Scott WintripPepto Bismol for the Verbal Vomit
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Sage Business Advice from the Music of James Taylor

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“Never give up, never slow down
Never grow old, never ever die young.”

Lyrics from James Taylor’s Never Die Young

While listening to Never Die Young, I heard, embedded in the words of James Taylor, the following advice:

Never give up…on why you chose your profession. Take a moment today and each day hereafter to recall what compelled you to serve others, whether they be inside or outside your organization.

Never slow down…on the actions that change lives and companies. For example, a few extra telephone calls a day could make all the difference for you and the people that pick up the phone.

Never grow old…as you look for and find the opportunities right before your eyes. The volatility of this new economy is one of the greatest chances to grow your company.

Never ever die young…by taking incredible care of yourself. Your family, friends, prospects, clients, and colleagues deserve the gift of you being here a long, long time.

Scott WintripSage Business Advice from the Music of James Taylor
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The Value Process

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The simple directions promoting the value of rinse and repeat, as printed on shampoo bottles everywhere, increases the amount used and garners manufacturers of personal hygiene products billions of dollars. This is just one of many simple and sustainable marketing processes in use across the globe. From bartenders actively upselling premium drinks to Southwest Airlines’ low-cost, high-value Early Bird check-in fee, smart sellers of products and services leverage consumers’ hunger for added value.

Just as practice makes perfect, process makes profits when it aligns needs with tremendous value. Your sales and service systems must incorporate a value-added methodology to break out of being seen as a commodity and emerge into being a cherished business partner who easily earns profitable business. All it takes is understanding customers’ apparent and latent needs, selecting valuable solutions that address those needs, and presenting the value in a manner that captures their full attention and desire to select you as their vendor. This process makes for a perfect match between buyers who are willing to pay for value and sellers who understand how to position that value front and center so they can easily buy.

Scott WintripThe Value Process
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Leading With Child’s Eyes

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Children view the world through eyes that see everything as fresh and new. Their sense of wonder captures their attention and captivates their spirit, allowing them to see the possibilities in all things. As a result, children view the world in terms of what they can do versus the “adult” perspective of limitations and constraints.

This week, see the world as though you had the eyes of a child. Look at your peers, employees, colleagues, and clients as though you are seeing them for the very first time. As you do, you’ll engage in a world of endless possibilities, fresh ideas, and innovative solutions for even the most daunting of problems and opportunities.

Scott WintripLeading With Child’s Eyes
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Wimpy Outcomes

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J. Wellington Wimpy, a character in the long-running comic strip Popeye, often spouted his famous catchphase, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Tuesdays must not exist in Popeye’s world since Wimpy is never illustrated issuing any form of remuneration for the food he consumed. Instead, he is seen using the same tactic over and over again.

Some of your prospects are Wimpy-esque in their attempt to buy from you, issuing assurances of buying more or paying more in the future if you discount their initial purchase. These wasted promises are like Wimpy’s empty pockets, leaving you and that prospective customer without a sustainable relationship that works for both parties.

To avoid these Wimpy outcomes, set your price based upon the contribution you will make to the value your customer is looking to receive. As you do, your client will receive dramatic ROI while you are equitably compensated for your efforts.

Scott WintripWimpy Outcomes
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Cultivating Connectedness

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This day is one in which you have the opportunity to till the garden of connections in your work and your life. Today you’ll have the opportunity to nurture existing relationships, and like plants, these need to be fed, nourished, and tended to with care to promote their long-term growth.

Some of your connections may have withered away. Those that cannot be restored have served their purpose and should be set aside, creating space for you to plant the seeds of new relationships. You’ll have to plant many seeds as not all of these will spout and grow into something that is sustainable and worthwhile. Those that do need to be added to your routine of feeding, nourishing, and tending; as a grower of great relationships your work is never quite done.

Choose wisely today how you cultivate your connections. This is your garden and your efforts will determine how well fed you, your company, your colleagues, and your family will be in the seasons ahead.

Scott WintripCultivating Connectedness
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It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

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Like him or hate, and there is certainly much of both, US Republican Presidential nominee Newt Gingrich proved that persistence pays after winning the South Carolina primary this past Saturday. Considered all but dead, his campaign now has new life as the contest moves to the state of Florida on January 31st.

Regardless of your feelings for the former Speaker of the House, you can learn from his tenacious example. When you sell you must see every no as getting you that much closer to the next yes. In service and operations you can choose to view every challenge as an opportunity to exceed someone’s expectations. And as a leader your job is to create a strategy, adjust that strategy as needed, and unwaveringly hold true to the course you have charted.

Living your life with unshakeable resolve doesn’t require being a controversial or famous figure. It simply depends on persistence even when the odds seem against you.

Scott WintripIt’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over
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The Present of Presence

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As I pondered the death of a 19 year-old former classmate of my daughter this past weekend, I was reminded of just how fleeting time and life can be. While goals and aspirations are worthy endeavors, the most meaningful aspect of life is each and every present moment.

This week, your being fully present with every customer, colleague, and individual in your life is the highest level of service you can provide. As you give the present of presence, you’ll be rewarded as well as you hear more, see more, and experience more of the fullness of these interactions. Each person will be positively impacted because of the simple, sustainable, and precious gift of your full attention.

Scott WintripThe Present of Presence
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Hung from the ceiling of the Guggenheim in New York City, virtually all of the work created by Maurizio Cattelan is offered in a new perspective to patrons of his work. Pieces can be viewed from different angles and compared in context with the full breadth of his creation. Cattelan agreed to display his art at the Guggenheim only if it were arranged in this provocative and unique manner.

To see your clients and their work in a new light, you too should insist on viewing things from a new perspective, such as how their customers, employees, or peers discern aspects of their business. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to offer fresh insights, diagnose troubles before they happen, and identify new opportunities to deliver tremendous value.

Scott WintripPerspective
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The Satisfaction Trap


While gratitude for current circumstances and successes is prudent, being satisfied is incredibly dangerous for business professionals. Satisfaction becomes a trap that keeps you cemented to your doorstep and allows your competitors to grab more market share. I asked a recent workshop participant, who was resistant to ideas for enhancing her business, if she was satisfied with her current business model and she replied, “Yes!” When asked if she was also satisfied with her results, she responded sarcastically, “Well of course not, that’s why I’m here.”

Evolving your best practices to those that leverage the new economy are the only way to ensure nonstop growth and perpetual profits. When you do that, you’ll be the one looking back at your competition as they waive meekly at you from their doorstep.

Scott WintripThe Satisfaction Trap
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