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Super Sales and Marketing

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Fans were surely pleased, engaged, and even surprised during the Super Bowl. I refer not to the game itself, which was a stunning upset, but the much anticipated commercials. Millions of tweets, texts, emails, and Snapchats provided an ongoing commentary on these carefully crafted sales pitches. All this excitement focused on companies wanting us to part with our money in trade for their products and services. Shows what a compelling approach can do to create a buzz, name recognition, and increased sales.

Sales and marketing by your company must also grab attention to break through all of the competitive noise. No, this does not mean you have to hire the Muppets, recruit Stephen Colbert to use his quirky humor, or get David Beckham to stand by your logo in his briefs. It does require consistently finding ways to stand out in the eyes and minds of buyers while remaining top of mind for when they are ready to buy.

Are buyers talking positively to one another about your sales and marketing message and methods? Probably not. This is your next opportunity to up your game.

Ready to Stand Out?

Are buyers clamoring to buy from you, seeming almost inspired to buy? Or are many of your sales efforts met with resistance, roadblocks, and even, at times, derision? The Inspired Sale will show you how to engage Sales Flow to create opportunities where buyers feel a compelling need to buy and buy from you. Learn more

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