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Effort is the Enemy

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageHiring managers typically need that empty seat filled yesterday, yet they often wait until tomorrow or a series of tomorrow’s before that happens. It is this very gap between yesterday and tomorrow that holds one of the greatest opportunities for staffing and recruiting firms.

The staffing industry can quickly elevate its reputation by more consistently providing talent on demand, right when it is needed. This not only delivers tremendous value; it is how firms can be rewarded with a more loyal constituency, a larger base of customers, and higher margins which are proportionate with the value being provided.

One key element standing in the way is effort. Agencies must recruit ahead, not behind, manufacturing the talent before it is needed. Buyers must be enrolled in a smarter process that allows them to acquire talent today, not tomorrow. Anything that causes delays, including resume submissions and interviews, must be eliminated and replaced with processes and guarantees that create a more nimble and responsive approach.

We live in an on demand, iTunes oriented, download it now society. To solve the needs of yesterday requires that staffing and recruitment vendors start acting today more like Netflix, Uber, and GrubHub. The alternative, perpetuating the status quo, will only further erode the already tenuous repetition of the industry.

Scott WintripEffort is the Enemy
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Radical Accountability Heroes and Zeroes

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Welcome to this series where I feature companies, organizations, industries, and even individuals who exemplify the power of Radical Accountability (the Heroes who have committed to an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most) and the need for it (the Zeroes).

The Heroes

For being committed to rebounding from huge customer defections. You’ve shown that you’re not down and out if you engage in Radical Accountability.

Ecologist Dickson Despommier and Other Proponents of Vertical Farming
For your efforts to bring food security to people throughout the world. No one should have to wonder where their next meal is going to come from and these agricultural pioneers are employing Radical Accountability to help eliminate hunger.

Jason Collins
For having the courage to take a long overdue stand in professional sports. Some might say, since you’re a free agent, this was the worst time to admit being gay, yet, your self-respect took precedent. Being true to what really matters, and what could matter more than being true to yourself, is at the core of Radical Accountability.

The Zeroes

Companies in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry
Who still negotiate on price. Many of these same companies complain about how hard they work and how little they make. If creating a more profitable company is of interest, engage in some Radical Accountability around delivering tremendous value and charging for it.

The Chinese Government
For allowing the harvesting of organs from prisoners, some of whom were never properly tried and convicted. According to the BBC, some of these “criminals” were conveniently executed when a match was found that needed one or more of their vital organs. While having the medical means to provide transplants is admirable, how about some Radical Accountability around how this is being done?

Eastman Kodak plans on leaving Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Bondholders and unsecured creditors would end up owning the company with shareholders owning nothing but their worthless shares of stock. Imagine how different the outcome could have been had the leaders of Kodak engaged in Radical Accountability, especially around product innovation to be a market leader instead of market loser.

Scott WintripRadical Accountability Heroes and Zeroes
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