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Reboot, Reset, Reconfigure, Redesign – A Way of Life for the New Year

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As a former Windows user (and very happy Mac guy today), I remember those dreaded blue screens of death. It was inevitable that a few times each month my system would lock up and I’d have to hit the reset button, frequently losing at least the last few paragraphs I’d typed.

I’ve often thought it would be useful if humans had a reset button behind one ear to reboot our brains as we experience the equivalent of the blue screen. With one press, we could start over, interrupting thoughts, words, or actions that are counterproductive or even harmful.

Since we don’t come equipped from the factory with such a device, I offer the following aftermarket alternative. When your personal or professional outcome is not what’s desired, engage one of four options:

Reboot: A solid plan is in place, but wasn’t followed. A reboot allows for a fresh chance to work the plan from beginning to end.

Reset: Parts of the plan weren’t followed, requiring only a reset on those portions of the plan. Without having to completely start over, momentum continues as the missing elements are integrated into the working plan.

Reconfigure: The plan was worked correctly, consistently, and completely, but the result is not meeting expectations. Without overwriting the entire system, only the elements of the plan that are contributing to the issue need to be reconfigured.

Redesign: There was no plan and, no surprise, nothing good has come of that. Redesign allows for learning from this oversight, creating a plan for moving forward based upon what was learned in the process.

The new year is a great opportunity to keep what works and change or leave behind the rest. Reboot, Reset, Reconfigure, Redesign allows us to transform blue screens of death into nimble operating systems that create better results.

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Scott WintripReboot, Reset, Reconfigure, Redesign – A Way of Life for the New Year
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