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Patrick Beharelle–Hiring Hero of the Week

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Meet this week’s Hero of Hiring–Patrick Beharelle. Patrick Beharelle is the CEO of TrueBlue, a publicly traded $3 billion staffing and recruitment services provider supporting over 160,000 clients across 70 counties. Patrick has over 20 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry and has leveraged that experienced for the good of thousands of people. Annually, TrueBlue places over 800,000 people into a mix of temp and full-time jobs. TrueBlue also hires over 30,000 military veterans into full-time careers annually. Patrick is leading the company’s digital transformation strategies, including an on-demand opportunities app for jobseekers (JobStack) and an award-winning cloud-based platform to improve candidate experience (Affinix). Because of his impact on people and companies, he was inducted into the Staffing Industry Analysts Staffing 100 Hall of Fame in 2018.

Patrick and TrueBlue are committed to supporting local communities and employment groups, including veterans and their families, by embracing a corporate theme of “doing well by doing good.”

Thank you Patrick for the heroic work you and your team do each day!

You can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn and Twitter.



We’ve all heard it said that a company’s most important asset is its people. When we say we love a company, what we’re really saying is we love the work being done by the exceptional people in these organizations. Talented employees who do outstanding work are the secret ingredients that make their companies great. That’s why recruiting and hiring is so important. Each person involved in the hiring process is influencing the future of their company. These individuals are also impacting one of the most important aspects of people’s lives—their careers. The individuals who play a role in the hiring process are changing companies and lives, making hiring a heroic act.

The hiring heroism of a select group of people goes above and beyond. These unsung hiring heroes are making a lasting difference on a grand scale. That’s the reason for this distinction—the Hiring Hero of the Week. The hope in bestowing this honor is that people across the globe can celebrate and learn from these truly amazing human beings.

Scott WintripPatrick Beharelle–Hiring Hero of the Week
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