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The Awful and Awesome of Issac

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This morning I awoke to learn that Tropical Storm Issac had knocked out power at home and the office. For a storm so feared by many and covered so thoroughly by the media, this result was a minor inconvenience. In fact, it gave my wife, Holly, and I the perfect excuse to walk to the restaurant in our neighborhood for breakfast, allowing us to enjoy some “bonus” time together. What a truly awesome thing to have no power!

Yes, Issac is a serious storm that’s having an impact on many people, and there will be damage and loss, both of which are truly awful. Yet, awful events always present awesome opportunities. Whether you are directly or indirectly impacted by something awful, be it big or small, take the time to ask yourself what is the awesome opportunity at hand. Be it a mistake with a client that allows you the opportunity to enhance your relationship, an awful conversation with an employee that presents the awesome opportunity for deeper understanding, or a fire in your kitchen that allows you to rebuild it into the showplace of your dreams, awful events are always the chance to create an awesome outcome.

Looking at it that way…now that’s truly awesome!

Scott WintripThe Awful and Awesome of Issac
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Hung from the ceiling of the Guggenheim in New York City, virtually all of the work created by Maurizio Cattelan is offered in a new perspective to patrons of his work. Pieces can be viewed from different angles and compared in context with the full breadth of his creation. Cattelan agreed to display his art at the Guggenheim only if it were arranged in this provocative and unique manner.

To see your clients and their work in a new light, you too should insist on viewing things from a new perspective, such as how their customers, employees, or peers discern aspects of their business. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to offer fresh insights, diagnose troubles before they happen, and identify new opportunities to deliver tremendous value.

Scott WintripPerspective
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