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Putting Lipstick on a Pig and Calling It Innovation

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Hundreds of leaders in the staffing and recruiting industry heard panelists and speakers talk about “innovative” ideas last week at the Executive Forum in San Diego. In a number of instances, what was said was no different than putting lipstick on a pig and saying she’s a contender for Miss Universe. The reality is that many so called innovations are nothing more than old ideas regurgitated in a different way.

This observation is not a criticism of the event, which was outstanding, or the ideas that were shared, as many were prudent or even incredibly wise. Leaders benefit from reminders of what works, which I refer to as sustainable practices, and methods that stand out for their ability to improve the way work is done, which are true best practices. Labeling something as innovative, when it’s not, is careless, at best, and reckless when those hearing it blindly use it, thinking they’re about to reinvent the wheel.

Why does this happen? Innovation in staffing and recruiting isn’t easy, especially since everyone has access to the same product. The day we gain the ability to manufacture cyborg temps, contractors, and direct hire candidates will be the day when true ease of innovation begins.

So, do you just give up on innovation or just fake it by applying a bit more lipstick to the pig? Of course not. Innovation not only exists, it’s flourishing at companies that apply the Innovation Equation:

Good or Great
PLUS Irresistible Value
MINUS Labor and Complexity
EQUALS Sustainable Innovation

True innovation entails starting with an aspect of your business that customers see as good or great, not what is sub-par or out of your wheelhouse. Next, you find a way to add value they find irresistible while also reducing your labor intensity and process complexity. Do that, and you’ve transformed what many people see as a business that’s hard or even impossible to innovate.

What’s this look like on the street? Recent examples include a client I advised to add value that prompted procurement in three different companies to enthusiastically choose to spend lots more money. Another was a service innovation a global client that guarantees customers they’ll want to hire the first person presented every single time (I call this the One and Done Promise and it’s been kept 79 out of 80 times in just the past few months).

Reminders of sound business practices are great and should be talked about often. But these should never be treated as innovation. Doing so risks complacency and lulls people into be satisfied with kissing the pig.


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Scott WintripPutting Lipstick on a Pig and Calling It Innovation
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APSCo – Today’s Radical Accountability Hero

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At a hotel conference center just up the street from the iconic Marble Arch in London, Ann Swain and her team put on a brilliant conference last Friday, October 18th. As the keynote speaker, I was part of a lineup of content that filled the pages of attendees’ notebooks, giving them much to think about and act on back at the office.

What makes APSCo, as an organization, even more impressive is their policy on admitting vendors as affiliate members to the association. While many associations in all types of industries practice the “give us your money and you’re in” method of enrollment, APSCo thoroughly screens potential vendor members, even going as far as checking 20 references.

APSCo deserves Radical Accountability Hero status as its actions demonstrate an unwavering responsibility to its members. While there are many great professional associations across the globe, APSCo is setting an example that is worth adopting by all.

This segment features companies, organizations, industries, and even individuals who exemplify the power of Radical Accountability (the Heroes who have committed to an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most) and the need for it (the Zeroes).

Scott WintripAPSCo – Today’s Radical Accountability Hero
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Smart Hiring And Firing

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People are the engines that drive the success of companies, however, most hiring and accountability processes are not as nimble and efficient as they could be. Scott shares the “thorough to hire and fire” method for improving the success of the people side of your business.

Scott WintripSmart Hiring And Firing
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Evidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews


While behavioral interviewing has some benefits, it falls short as it does not completely assess all of the behaviors necessary for success, only those you have time to review in an interview. Scott shares his latest invention in interviewing, the evidentiary interview, a more thorough way to assess talent.

Scott WintripEvidentiary Interviews vs. Behavioral Interviews
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Success Insurance

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Scott shares five ways to add “business insurance” to your organization by keeping a hiring pipeline open at all times; having a delivery evolution process; innovating products and/or services; developing skills; and having best practices instead of most practices.

Scott WintripSuccess Insurance
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Impatience is a Virtue


William Langland, a 14th century author, is credited with first writing that “patience is a virtue.” Clearly, he was not referring to successful salespeople.

I know that throughout my career much of my success has been a result of my impatience. I want what I want, when I want it. People, especially buyers, have never done things as fast as I’d like them to. While impatience can be obnoxious, channeled in the right direction, it is often a trait found in most, if not all, big billers.

You can’t give someone something they do not have. So, next time you look to hire good salespeople and recruiters, look for evidence of impatience. Without it, you likely have someone who lacks the sense of urgency needed in our business. Find someone with it and you may have found your next key contributor to your revenue stream.

Scott WintripImpatience is a Virtue
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Hot Spots – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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Hot Spots are areas where demand is outpacing supply. The result is that prospects in these areas are more likely to be open to using your services, especially if you provide data, such as this information, on market demand and the impact this will have on their ability to hire quality talent.

Accountants and Auditors in Boston-Cambridge-Quincy (152% normal demand)

Administrative Assistants in Washington-Arlington-Alexandria (160% normal demand)

Computer Specialists in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (167% normal demand)

Graphic Designers in New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island (161% normal demand)

Home Health Aides in Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington (160% normal demand)

Medical Scientists in Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana (175% normal demand)

Occupational Therapy Assistants in Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (236% normal demand)

Office Clerks in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach (152% normal demand)

Petroleum Engineers in Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown (178% normal demand)

Sales Reps (Service Sector) in Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta (152% normal demand)

Data: WANTED Analytics | Analysis: StaffingU

Scott WintripHot Spots – The StaffingU Market Demand Report
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