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Hiring Staffing Salespeople? Look For These 5 Attributes.

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Making quality sales hires continues to be a challenge for leaders in staffing and recruitment. This episode of my podcast will help you accurately identify people who will be successful on your sales team.


Scott WintripHiring Staffing Salespeople? Look For These 5 Attributes.
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How to Hire Salespeople Who Know How to Sell

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One of the hardest and most stressful hires to make is a salesperson. Why? Because an interview with a prospective sales hire is a pitch. He’s pitching you to win the job.

During a typical interview with a salesperson, he’s on his best behavior. He tells you the right things and shares only the best parts of his background. Rather than painting a complete picture, the interview narrows the lens, providing you with a mere glimpse of this person. This is why we’re often disappointed when the guy we interviewed is not the one who shows up on Monday morning.

Scott WintripHow to Hire Salespeople Who Know How to Sell
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Hire Salespeople Who Like Shiny Things (The Wall of Ideas)

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StaffingU and the Wintrip Consulting Group recently sponsored the Wall of Ideas, an idea exchange done graffiti-style, at the most recent Staffing World. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share some of these ideas and provide commentary on how to employ these in your firm.

Hire Salespeople Who Like Shiny Things

Healthy greed by itself does not a good salesperson make, however, this attribute is essential to ensure you have someone who will bring in substantial amounts of business. While many people will tell you they are money motivated in an interview, because that’s what they’re supposed to say, the proof is in the evidence. The newest version of a behavioral interview, the evidentiary interview, looks at past behavior as a predictor of future performance along with direct and tangible evidence in the present.

This should include provocative questions, such as:

“Give me an example of when you were behind on your own personal financial goals and specifically what you did to get back on track.”

In addition, to employ the full power of the evidentiary approach, you’ll need to monitor present behaviors that clearly demonstrate their financial motivation. This can include how they negotiate with you during the process and how well they negotiate simulated deals in demonstrations you conduct as part of second or third interviews.

Scott WintripHire Salespeople Who Like Shiny Things (The Wall of Ideas)
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