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Focusing on Value Creation (The Wall of Ideas)

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StaffingU and the Wintrip Consulting Group recently sponsored the Wall of Ideas, an idea exchange done graffiti-style, at the most recent Staffing World. This is the fourth in a series that I’ll share over the coming weeks along with commentary on how to employ these in your firm.

Focusing on Value Creation

The battle against commoditization continues to be fought by your colleagues in firms big and small. Nothing shifts the focus away from price better than drawing attention to the tremendous value that specifically solves the customer’s problems or challenges.

I recently advised one of my clients to price their service at a higher rate than the competition even though the customer appeared to be fixated on the spend. What prompted this was a comment made during the “ask” step (mentioned in a previous blog post on tailored presentations) where the buyer mentioned, several times, how busy they were and how much time the onboarding process was taking in their schedule. The proposal included added value that shifted more of the onboarding to the staffing firm. The buyer said, “while I was hoping to pay what I’m paying now, it’s worth paying more just to get this off my plate.”

Scott WintripFocusing on Value Creation (The Wall of Ideas)
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