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Simply Profitable™

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Why do some companies achieve nonstop growth and perpetual profits while many others do not? The answer is the simple focus of consistently executing the key actions and behaviors that promote a sustainable business.

One important aspect of being Simply Profitable™ is that your sales function must persist to the 80th percentile and, when it does, your closure rate of business will substantially increase. So, what is the 80th percentile? It’s the fact that 80% of all business is acquired between the 5th to 13th contact with a prospective buyer. Unfortunately, only 10% of salespeople make more than three contacts and, as a result, they are the ones who are winning 80% of the market.

Given that very simple math, your task is also very simple. Mandate and educate a plan of persistence that ensures your sales team consistently stands out and remains top of mind when your prospects are ready to buy.


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