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The Pizza and French Fry Test

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A few days before arriving here in Copper Mountain, Colorado for our Spring Break ski trip, I asked my sixteen year old son if he thought he still remembered all of his skills. “It’s been five years Ben,” I said. “How do you think you’ll do?”

“Are you kidding,” he said. “All I gotta do is pizza and french fries.”

For those who don’t know what Ben was referring to, he was talking about how his ski instructor taught him when he was eight. Pizza referred to plow, used to slow or stop. All he had to do was position his skies like a slice of pizza. French fries meant he was to have parallel skies for navigating down the slopes. His instructor just had to yell either “pizza” or “french fries” and he would quickly respond.

Great methodologies, including teaching methods, are not only useful in the moment, they last the test of time. In our world of too much to do, know, and remember, a pragmatic approach to key tactics is a must.

Are your company’s processes this memorable, sustainable, and easy to use? For example, can the sales team tell you how to close a deal in three simple steps? Do they all describe it in exactly the same way? How about the service team? What is the four-step process for resolving a customer complaint? Do they know, use, and easily share it with new hires?

Memorable, sustainable, and easy to use, that’s the Pizza and French Fry Test. Do your processes pass the test?


Scott WintripThe Pizza and French Fry Test
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