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Staffing World and The Avoidant Economy

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Are you benefiting from The Avoidant Economy? Has your company prepared to maximize this opportunity? Do you even know about The Avoidant Economy?

The Avoidant Economy is a change in the psyche of buyers that resulted from the Great Recession. You’re most likely seeing this show up in delayed decisions, fear of overhead, and companies hoarding cash as a means of security. Yet, work still has to get done and that’s where you come in. This is why the Great Recession and the subsequent Avoidant Economy is the single greatest opportunity the staffing and recruiting industry has seen in the past three decades.

At Staffing World in Las Vegas, the week of October 8th, I’ll be giving out free access to the first chapter of my new video book, The Avoidant Economy – Changes Staffing and Recruiting Firms Must Make to Thrive in These Rapidly Evolving Times. You can get your card to access this offering at the Wall of Ideas or directly from me.

Be sure to join me as well for…

  • My workshop, Pump Up Profits on Thursday, October 11th at 2:30pm Pacific.
  • Communicate Value With Brevity and Impact during the Knowledge Network, where I’ll share three best practices that are helping staffing and recruiting firms differentiate themselves more quickly.
  • The rapid-fire learning session that I’ll be facilitating for the Office and Administrative Section Forum on Wednesday the 10th.

For those coming to Staffing World, see you in Vegas! If you are not, watch for the release of The Avoidant Economy on November 1st.

Scott WintripStaffing World and The Avoidant Economy
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