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Noise Canceling the Competition

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageCompetitive golfers and dancers keep their competition top of mind, knowing their influence can undermine them at any moment. Just the noise from these competitors can cause them to slice a drive or miss a step, creating a lost opportunity which ends up losing the match. The competition ends up stealing their trophies, their winnings and even their self-confidence and pride. The real power of these competitors comes from where they live—right between the ears. That’s why we often hear people saying they are competing with themselves, as they know that the only real competition, the thing that can get in their way, is their own thinking.

Just like these athletic professionals, competition for customers and candidates is not on the outside, but in our own competitive thinking. The other companies who provide similar services are not competitors, but merely potential distractions. What they do, how they do it, the price they charge and any games they play only matter if we let it.

There is enough noise that comes from the critic that lives in the human head. Isn’t it best not to add to the cacophony by simply ignoring what other people do?

“You can allow the noise from the competition to fade into the background. You can choose to act as if you were the market of one for the people you want to serve.” – Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story

Scott WintripNoise Canceling the Competition
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First Time Thinking – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

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Each of us is not responsible for our first thought, but we are responsible for our next action. This simple mantra not only can create powerful shifts in thinking, it can also allow us to see things that were previously unseen.

The video in this post of two women experiencing their first flight is a powerful example of how anyone, anywhere, can see the wonder in life. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like seeing or experience something for the very first time, be it the birth of your son or daughter or that initial experience, as a child, of watching fireworks light up the sky.

First Time Thinking comes naturally when it’s actually the first time that something happens. Yet, this mindset can be activated any time we choose. All it takes is a conscious choice to see the details around us as though for the very first time.

Leaders, salespeople, customer service personnel, and support staff see the unseen by taking a moment to really think about the following question:

What if I were seeing or experiencing this for the very first time? What would I see?

Opportunities abound, problems become immediately apparent, and subtle, yet, important details become crystal clear the moment we engage in First Time Thinking. What will you see that you haven’t been seeing?

Take a look and find out.

Scott WintripFirst Time Thinking – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day
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It’s Not What You Think

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Wintrip Consulting Group : Take No PrisonersTake No Prisoners is a free weekly memo from Scott Wintrip that explores how Radical Accountability prospers companies and changes lives. Instead of taking people hostage with outdated, heavy-handed, and ineffective methods of management, measurement, and motivation, Radical Accountability focuses on creating an unwavering responsibility for getting what matters most done.

Getting buy-in, while an admirable concept, is holding back versus helping many companies. If you have doubts about this, just look at the challenges your organization has had at getting people to buy-in to changes or ideas.

The problem with getting buy-in is that it’s typically an exercise in thought, not action. Leaders think about how to create consensus, talk about it, get staff thinking about it, and then hope that all this thinking and talking will turn into action. When it does not, too many leaders abandon solid plans, labeling good strategies or ideas as being flawed. The only flaw, much of the time, is the process for creating buy-in.

Talk is cheap, and thinking, more often than not, does not translate into actions and sustainable changes. Great leaders of good companies use knowledge and input to determine the correct course and strategies for their companies. They then require staff to contribute to how this will be achieved through plans and actions on those plans.

Just like the captain of a ship decides on a course based on key factors and then issues orders for the crew to navigate that course, corporate captains must do the same. Imagine a ship captain polling the crew as to what is the right course. Before long, that ship runs aground, wrecking everyone’s chances for a beneficial outcome.

Action is the strongest and most rapid method for creating buy-in. Thinking and talking get you nowhere but stuck in your head. Not a good place to be, especially with your competitors riding in your wake just waiting for the opportunity to take the lead.

This Week’s Radical Accountability Activating Action:  Chart the course, then make the course right by getting everyone into action to get there.

Ready to create greater buy-in through action? Check out my Radical Accountability On Call Service.

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Scott WintripIt’s Not What You Think
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Make S#@! Happen

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There are lots of bumpers out there plastered with the following words:

S#@! Happens

Here are three translations of what this really means:

Shift Happens
I’ve yet to meet the individual who couldn’t benefit from a shift in thinking. This could be believing you can do something that you’ve told yourself you can’t, seeing the positives in a negative situation, or finding possibilities when there appear to be none.

How do you start? It’s much easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than trying to think your way into new way of acting. Shift happens when what you do becomes what you think.

Selling Happens
Everyone sells; many people just don’t call it selling. Whether it’s a job interview, sharing an idea with friends, or rolling out a new strategy to your team, all of these involve selling.

As a result, everyone, everywhere has the capacity to be a Collaborative Evangelist for their company. This is one reason I wrote Sales Yogato help salespeople simplify how they sell while also helping those without sales jobs leverage their natural sales abilities. Selling happens when you own and use your inherent talent.

Service Happens
Too much in the realm of customer service is reactive, often in the form of a response to a problem. The best way to solve any problem is to never have it come up in the first place.

Cutting edge service happens when companies anticipate instead of respond, provide more value instead of more excuses, and find ways to say “yes” instead of explaining away a “no.”

So, next time you see one of these bumper stickers, take this as your cue from the universe to double-check that you’re making good S#@! happen.

Sales Yoga


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Scott WintripMake S#@! Happen
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