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“F” It – The Common Belief That Slows Down Fast Hiring

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageOne perversion mindset is a top contributor to time-to-fill reaching a new, all-time high of more than 27 days:

Fear It

These fears include:

  • The department head who fears it’s too risky to hire someone who is anything less than a perfect fit.
  • The talent acquisition leader who fears that increasing hiring speed will negatively impact accuracy.
  • The staffing firm manager who fears it won’t be worth it to offer risk-free offerings that reduce time-to-fill to zero.

Some people may say this isn’t fear. Instead, they call it being prudent, exercising caution, or avoiding making the same mistakes. Which are simply ways of acknowledging fear without calling it by name.

The only problems I’ve ever successfully overcome are those that I fully acknowledged and understood. The problem always defines the solution. That’s why understanding the fear of fast hiring is so important.

If we don’t, the Fear It mindset leads to the other “F” it:

“F” it. I’m not taking the risk of doing something different. What’s a few more days of waiting anyways?

A few more days is rarely just a few days long. Good candidates end up taking other jobs. Work piles up. Stress increases. Profits decline. All because of a four-letter word.

A process that makes it safe and easy to engage in fast hiring is a requirement for countering this culture of fear.

So, what will you change in your process to get rid of the “F” its?


To join the ongoing discussion on eliminating time-to-fill, go to the Zero-to-Fill LinkedIn group:

Scott Wintrip“F” It – The Common Belief That Slows Down Fast Hiring
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Time-to-Fill Should Be Zero

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageCan your company instantly fill any open seat? When you achieve a zero time-to-fill, which I call ZERO-TO-FILL, you can.

A new LinkedIn Group, called ZERO-TO-FILL, is now adding members who will support one another towards this goal.

Members of ZERO-TO-FILL are committed to hiring that is faster and more accurate. Our shared vision? All jobs and assignments get filled with quality talent the day they open.


  • Staffing and recruitment professionals
  • Talent acquisition and human resource leaders
  • Executives from vendors who provide hiring-related technologies and solutions

Currently, the group is accepting requests to join. Discussions will begin on July 15, 2015.

ZERO-TO-FILL will always be a supportive place to learn, share ideas, and improve the status quo.

Time-to-fill should be zero. This group brings together the parties who can make that happen.

To submit your request to join, go to:

Zero to Fill medium logo

Scott WintripTime-to-Fill Should Be Zero
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