Talent Tracker – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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Where are the best places to find candidates? Our new Talent Tracker blog post has the answer and will appear from time to time as part of the StaffingU Market Demand Report.

This week, we’ve measured some top cities to find web experience in IT, nurses in Healthcare, and designers in the creative niche.

In each chart, you’ll see the total number of workers in the United States, the city we measured, the functional area of employment, the occupation, the specific industries for that occupation, and our delineating keyword to specify the title or type of job.

If you’d like us to measure a specific type of talent in the coming weeks, post a comment with your request and include the following:

1. Location
2. Occupation
3. Industry
4. Job Title

Data: WANTED Analytics | Analysis: StaffingU

Scott WintripTalent Tracker – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

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