Taming Time-Wasters

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Like teenagers who let all of the cold air out of the refrigerator as they stand for minutes perusing the contents, you have people in your life who sap precious minutes from your day. From the colleague who chats incessantly about their latest drama to the client who misses appointments, these people rob you of one of the most precious and limited resources you have available…time.

To reign in these time-wasters, you must first value the minutes at your disposal and make conscious choices of how and on who you will spend this limited commodity. As you increase your awareness, you’ll then want to set better boundaries with those around you who may squander, often unknowingly, your time. The minutes you gain grow into hours of investable energy to spend on your company, yourself, and even any quirky, but lovable teenagers in your life.

Scott WintripTaming Time-Wasters

1 comment

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  • Linda - April 20, 2011 reply

    Thanks for these words of wisdom Scott! Sometimes it’s easy to not want to offend and then realize you’ve just lost half of your morning. Setting boundaries and valuing your time is so important!

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