The Blindness of Buyers

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Why are some buyers choosing your competitors over you? Brand Consciousness is always the answer. Brand Consciousness is the level of awareness that buyers have of your company and the value you provide. If they aren’t buying, they are blind to you or your value.

Unless your organization really stinks at what you do, there are only three factors that are causing their blindness:

  • They don’t know you exist (Brand Unconsciousness).
  • They’ve forgotten you exist (Brand Amnesia).
  • They don’t yet understand your true value, especially as compared to your competitors (Brand Dubiety).

The job of a competent sales team is to overcome these factors, and this starts with knowing which of the three reasons are at play. If it’s Brand Unconsciousness, they must raise awareness of your existence in a highly compelling way. If it’s Brand Amnesia, how they sell must be changed to ensure you are not forgotten. And if it’s Brand Dubiety, the sales conversations must focus on better understanding customers and their needs in order to demonstrate why your value is better than that of your competitors.

The problem always best defines the solution and this is no different when it comes to getting more people to buy. By addressing Brand Consciousness, you’ll heal the sight of buyers by allowing them to see what they’ve been missing.

This Week’s Radical Accountability Activating Action: Implement the Brand Consciousness system this week with your sales team. Mandate that every buyer is assessed for the three factors.

Did you know sales is a conspiracy? Join Scott on August 20th to learn more.

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Scott WintripThe Blindness of Buyers

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