The Dangers of Wearing the Wrong Hat

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Every job requires the wearing of the proverbial multiple hats. Leaders don the headgear of coach, mentor, visionary, accountability agent, and strategist. Salespeople balance helmets for the roles of hunter, farmer, educator, and relationship builder. In customer service, they’re sporting the babushkas of facilitator, problem solver, mediator, and counselor.

While experienced individuals typically know which hats to wear when, it’s not unusual that people keep their favorite chapeau on way too long. Leaders who love to create strategy often lose sight of accountability; salespeople who live for hunting down the next new account frequently miss business opportunities that can be immediately captured from existing customers; customer service professionals who focus solely on empathizing miss opportunities to be the facilitator to a larger audience of customers.

While it’s great to wear your favorite hat, there is also a time to take it off and use the others on the rack. Make a point to wear more of your rich collection of job hats as possible every day. As you do, you’ll find a greater sense of balance in your work, your responsibilities, and the outcomes as a result.

Scott WintripThe Dangers of Wearing the Wrong Hat

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