The Disloyalty of Customers


Scott's Monday Morning MessageThere’s an “affair” going on and it’s not just a tacky television series on the Showtime network.

Thousands of people are deemed unfaithful every day, including:

  • Hiring managers who circumvent their corporate recruiters.
  • Managers who work with a staffing vendor not on the approved list.
  • HR leaders who agree to work exclusively with one recruiting firm, yet, still give business to others.

Why does this happen? A human resources executive in Kansas City, Missouri recently said:

“I have a rolodex of ten agencies. One is our preferred staffing vendor; the other nine our backups. If the first one can’t fill the job today, I call the rest. The next one that appears able to fill it gets my business. I know I’m not alone in this. My colleagues tell me they do the same thing.”

Faithful business relationships are a two-way street. On the recruiting side, this means continuing to deliver quality and increasing the speed of delivery. 

If you don’t deliver fast and accurate hires, chances are that your customers are glancing over their shoulders. They’re looking for a more attractive partner who better meets their needs. 

Scott WintripThe Disloyalty of Customers


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  • C - October 31, 2015 reply

    That’s very true however my problem with this is that it is a last minute request. When I anticipate this, and in the past have strive for the numbers they tell me I need to fill their needs, they do not utilize them. Then I lose the employee.

    Scott Wintrip - November 1, 2015 reply

    I agree this is frustrating. Which is why staffing firms must get better at coordinating efforts between sales and recruiting. Recruiters work too hard to manufacture talent to end up losing it.

    If one customer chooses not to buy, then another must be in line to do so.

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