The Emperor Has No Talent

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We’re just days into the year and some organizations are off-track. They’ve set goals, and they’re already behind. Why? Their “Emperors” have no talent.

The Emperors in this case are leaders in companies and organizations. They crafted brilliant plans for the New Year. Unfortunately, they forgot an important fact — you must have enough talented people to execute your plans to reach your goals.

Not having enough qualified people always undermines strategic goals. How many people are enough? Take a moment to answer these three questions:

  1. Are our goals the same, bigger, or smaller than last year?
  2. Has the quantity and quality of our talent pool improved, stayed the same, or decreased?
  3. Based upon the answers to the first two questions, what gaps exist between our goals and the people we have to reach them?

If, in answering these questions, you’re one of those Emperors who has no talent (or not enough of it) don’t fret. You’ve spotted the problem early. By taking immediate action to close the gap you’ve identified, you’re less likely to get sacked or, even worse, having people calling for you head.

Scott WintripThe Emperor Has No Talent

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