The Importance of What You Do

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What you are about to read is not designed to improve your sales performance or boost your recruiting efforts. There are no secrets hidden between these lines or techniques woven into the text. This post is for one simple purpose only…to feed a need that is a part of every human soul. That need is acknowledgment.

So, here are my acknowledgments for you and for the choice you made to be in this business:

  • You have one of the most important jobs in the world. Why? Because you impact one of the most important aspects of each person’s life – how they earn their income. Your contribution helps them pay their mortgage, feed their families, and purchase birthday presents for their children.
  • You also make an invaluable contribution to the most important resource of every company – their people.
  • Without you, countless individuals would end up struggling through the job search process. You make it easier by paving the way for them.
  • Numerous positions would take longer to fill or even go unfilled without the valuable service you provide.
  • You impact your co-workers each day in ways that you probably do not realize. It may be something as profound as the solution you offer for a problem or as simple as a shared smile that brightens their day.
  • During the very lonely and frightening experience of being “downsized,” you are there. You are a friendly face at a time when job seekers need it the most.
  • Your clients benefit not only from your service, but also your insight. Your knowledge of the marketplace and availability of talented people helps them every time you share this valuable information with them.

Can one person make a difference? You already have just by choosing a role in our industry. Thank you for being in this business and the important impact that you make each day.

Scott WintripThe Importance of What You Do

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