The “Non-Existent” Candidate

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Back in the old days, as we hiked ten miles to work in the snow with no shoes, when you took a temp, contract, or direct hire order in the staffing and recruiting business you did everything in your power to fill it. Yet, today, I hear leaders complain that staff members often come to them saying they cannot find anyone for some orders. When these leaders take the time to dig in to the details, they often find that “could not find” means that no one could be found in the database, through the job boards, social media sites, or ads to attract interested candidates. When managers suggest the use of the telephone, technology, or a referral network to source passive candidates, some recruiters bristle at even the thought of having to go to such lengths. Instead, they seem to prefer to move on to the next order, believing the grass is greener in the other jobs they will work to fill.

Reality is this same pattern of unfilled roles will repeat unless leaders equip their teams to fill these jobs and hold people to filling them. Part of this involves a policy shift. From here on out, make it your policy to only accept orders for which your firm will go to any and every ethical length to fill. Better to have fewer orders in your sweet spot that will garner  full and consistent efforts than a drove of potential business that turns into nothing and damages your reputation as a result.

Scott WintripThe “Non-Existent” Candidate

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