The Power of Collaborative Selling

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Heavy-handed techniques, complex closes and feature-benefit laden pitches have dominated sales for years. These methods are exhausting to do and even more taxing on the receiving end for buyers. It’s little wonder that virtually no one likes to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch.

I wrote Sales Yoga to help solve this problem once and for all. Sales Yoga is a “collaborative approach to meeting the shared needs of a buyer and seller.”

When done right, the buyer gets what s/he needs (i.e., a product, service or something of value) and the seller gets what s/he needs (i.e., compensation, an account or something of value). When done right, Sales Yoga creates an equitable quid pro quo.

How is this done?

Instead of using an old-fashioned sales model of focusing solely on how to get what WE want—we focus on creating an outcome and relationship that serves BOTH of us. Even salespeople who believe they are focusing on the customer are often still perceived as only being in it for themselves.

The means to creating this type of mutually rewarding relationship comes from using the timeless principles and practices of yoga, which are a foundation for a truly collaborative process.

This week marks the release of Sales Yoga (Yippee!!!). If you’re ready to transform how you sell while transforming the sales experience for buyers, you can buy my book today. Also, in the days and weeks to come, I’ll be sharing specific methods, in my blog, for becoming a Sales Yogi (a practitioner of Sales Yoga). So keep coming back for more.


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Scott WintripThe Power of Collaborative Selling

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