The Power of the Pull

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Cheers from Bournemouth on the southern coast of England where I’m spending week two of my vacation with my wife and kids. Not only is spending time with my family here giving me something to look forward to each day, the anticipation of this trip had a positive pull on me for the last few months. The planning, the anticipation, all of it has given me something to work towards. This is the power of Lifestyle Gravity, which you’ll hear more about in a podcast on August 23rd.

I play the “always having something to look forward to game” every week. Sometimes it’s a ballgame, time with friends, or something as simple as time with my family. The key is that I always have something that I can look forward to. It helps me to enjoy the present moment, even the ones that are not all that pleasant since I know this too shall pass.

So, what do you have to look forward to? Put something on the calendar now. Maybe a massage later this week or dinner with a friend. And while you’re at it, how about scheduling that next vacation or weekend trip away. You know you deserve it and the anticipation that comes with it.

Scott WintripThe Power of the Pull

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