The Powerless Approach to Staffing and Recruitment

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Scott's Monday Morning MessageWe are powerless when it comes to making people do what we want. I believe this is one reason parents are given teenagers, reminding them how powerless they truly are over people, places, and things.

Too many people in our business continue to promote the myth of client and candidate control, insinuating that we can or even should manipulate the choices of others. These dangerous, Repetitive Practices (methods which cause harm) do nothing more than perpetuate the predominant, negative reputation of our industry.

Each of us only has power over three things: our words, our choices, and our actions. By acknowledging our powerlessness over everything else, we gain access to true, individual, virtuous energy. By responsibly using these three personal powers, we can facilitate a process where the needs of all parties are met, for we which we are amply rewarded. That’s true power with much less effort.

Scott WintripThe Powerless Approach to Staffing and Recruitment

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