The Value Blueprint

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Adding more value, a key element of the Innovation Equation, is as simple as following a blueprint to build it into your existing services. Below is a picture of the process. Here are a few comments to help you get started:

  1. Quality Component of Your Service
    Delivering more value is never about fixing what’s broken or subpar; it’s about leveraging what you already do well. For example, a recent client in my Executive Advisor program picked their onboarding process to add value to since they already do it well, and customers had indicated a desire for more value in this area.
  2. ABC’s and Customer-Driven Benefits
    Following the new ABC’s of selling—Always Be Collaborating—is the way to understand what would be valuable to buyers. The aforementioned client asked Launching Questions (you can learn more about this in my video on Authentic Selling in Scott Wintrip On Demand) that brought to light that a number of customers were struggling with onboarding and were open to more help on this.
  3. Mutually Assured Improvements
    Just like mutually assured destruction has kept countries from launching nuclear weapons at one another, Mutually Assured Improvements keeps change sustainable and viable for both parties. My client made sure that the added-value to onboarding was easy to use for the customer and easy to deliver on their end.
  4. Speed
    Improvements don’t matter if you don’t get them to buyers in a timely way. My client built a quick delivery system into the process for communicating this additional value, signing people up for it, and then delivering that additional service.

value blueprintIn this instance, this company has added margin dollars for very little time and effort, all because they followed the Value Blueprint.

What will you build into your services that will benefit your customers? Follow the Value Blueprint and find out.


Scott WintripThe Value Blueprint

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