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  • Tweets that mention Empty Promises | StaffingU Resource Center -- - September 10, 2010 reply

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by staffingu, Market Share Magic. Market Share Magic said: Empty Promises: […]

  • Ann Masterson - September 10, 2010 reply

    I love it. This nailed what happens perfectly. Thanks for your honesty Scott. Can’t wait to share this with my staff.

  • Dravin - September 10, 2010 reply

    As a buyer of staffing, I don’t appreciate your comment. While it’s true that I will take full advantage of any organization willing to give me discounts, I don’t like what you imply in your cartoon. Employment agencies should give me deep discounts if they want my business and I don’t have to promise anything in return.

    Scott Wintrip, PCC - September 10, 2010 reply

    Thanks for taking the time to reinforce the point of this post.

  • Melissa Smith - September 13, 2010 reply

    Starting out an angry morning… One client we have been doing business with for several months called last week for an office assistant for a branch 30 miles away. We sent one out for interview and they hired her and now think we just gave her away! Saying well if you’re going to charge us for her, we’ll just fire her… cold blooded. There is decent business from this client and some decent business to come. (maybe) However; They are often trying under the table tactics (not the first time) and this goes all over me! any advice? FEELING PUNKED!

    Scott Wintrip, PCC - September 14, 2010 reply

    I’d be angry too. When we bring value to a client we should receive our due reward.

    The system that has worked well for my clients is as follows:
    1. A written agreement needs to be signed by every customer and must include language that makes it clear when a fee for services is applicable.
    2. If there is an agreement in place, then the customer must be held to it. A conversation to remind the client of the value you provided and the agreement in place is in order.
    3. Even if there is more business to come, never let yourself be taken advantage of. If they do it once, they’ll do it again. While they may have been a good customer in the past, relationships change. Just like a marriage gone bad that needs to end, some client relationships go this route as well.


  • Melissa Smith - September 17, 2010 reply

    Thank you Scott, I agree.

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