The Value Process

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The simple directions promoting the value of rinse and repeat, as printed on shampoo bottles everywhere, increases the amount used and garners manufacturers of personal hygiene products billions of dollars. This is just one of many simple and sustainable marketing processes in use across the globe. From bartenders actively upselling premium drinks to Southwest Airlines’ low-cost, high-value Early Bird check-in fee, smart sellers of products and services leverage consumers’ hunger for added value.

Just as practice makes perfect, process makes profits when it aligns needs with tremendous value. Your sales and service systems must incorporate a value-added methodology to break out of being seen as a commodity and emerge into being a cherished business partner who easily earns profitable business. All it takes is understanding customers’ apparent and latent needs, selecting valuable solutions that address those needs, and presenting the value in a manner that captures their full attention and desire to select you as their vendor. This process makes for a perfect match between buyers who are willing to pay for value and sellers who understand how to position that value front and center so they can easily buy.

Scott WintripThe Value Process

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