What Message is Your Sales Strategy Sending?

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Nancy, a current member of my coaching program, shared with me the following success story…

“I called on a new prospect for a number of weeks. Each time, I got his voicemail and left him the Front-of-the-Box message you taught me. Within two months, he called me back to give me an order. He said he picked me because I had called him six times (WOW, he counted the number of messages I left!). And he said that he appreciated my follow-through and that this made him hopeful that I’d be this consistent in servicing his needs as well.”

All of us, without exception, send an underlying message in our sales actions. When we are persistent in our sales calls and follow through, we send an implied message of being able to deliver dependable service. An inconsistent approach sends a message of unpredictable and potentially poor customer service. If you take a close look at all of the prospects with whom you’ve never connected, you’ll likely find a pattern of haphazard follow-through.

Actions do speak louder than words.  Take this opportunity to send a better message by the actions you take and how consistently you take them.

Scott WintripWhat Message is Your Sales Strategy Sending?

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