What Pumpcast News Can Teach Us About Leadership

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In just four days, over five million people have viewed the YouTube video of the musical couple featured on Pumpcast News. This hilarious feature shows what happens when a television monitor, normally displaying broadcast news and advertisements over a gas pump, is converted into an interactive video conference for the benefit of The Tonight Show audience. So enthralled were the producers of the show with how accessible and authentic the couple was that they brought them on the show to sing with the band.

Leaders would do well to model their example. No, this does not mean singing to your team, although if you sing well that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What the Pumpcast duo shows us is the power of authenticity, especially when it comes to sharing our strengths. Real leaders leverage their abilities instead of trying to be someone they are not. Radical Accountability, an unwavering responsibility for getting done what really matters most, includes leaders acknowledging their strengths and engaging the competencies of those around them to get the job done in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Take charge of your strengths and hold those around you to doing the same. The results this creates will have you singing the praises of your own success.

Scott WintripWhat Pumpcast News Can Teach Us About Leadership

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