What to Do With Uncertainty

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When faced with uncertainty, people often play it safe.  They cut expenses, make conservative choices, and even neglect to do the things they know they’re supposed to do in order to take care of themselves and businesses.

Now is a good time to take a chance. If you’ve been thinking about hiring additional staff to capture more business next year, stop thinking about it and take the chance. If you’ve been pondering an expansion of your market share through a more concentrated sales campaign, take a chance and do it. And if you’ve been mulling over getting some support to enhance your skills or those of your team, mull no longer and take a chance.

At the end of next year, many people will be looking up at those who took smart chances and wish they had done the same.

“If you don’t take a chance, you can’t do anything in life.” – Michael Spinks


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Scott WintripWhat to Do With Uncertainty

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