When the Student is Ready, the Teacher is Already There

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Resistance to change is as common and universal as the desire to be loved. Humans are creatures of habit, often perpetuating choices that are not as healthy or productive as other available options. From food to work styles to prioritization, there are frequently better ways to do the things we do.

Herein lies the problem – you most likely don’t have the time, energy, or even the interest to change or improve every aspect of your work and life. Nor should you. Better does not always mean worth it. Some changes, while technically an improvement, are so negligible that there is very little return on the investment of the time spent to achieve that better state.

So, how do you know when striving for betterment is worth the effort? Just watch for the red lights. It’s similar to having picked the wrong road in town on your way to an important meeting. You know you’ve not chosen the best route when every block or two you get stopped as the light turns red. When you arrive late for your meeting, you vow to pick a different way to go next time to avoid the struggle.

Struggles in work and personal life are much like those persistent red lights; they’re telling you to go a different way. Like a wise teacher just waiting to show you a simpler solution, a pattern of obstacles or challenges is your indicator that an opportunity exists to do things in a more effective manner. Your task is to learn what the current circumstances can teach you and what other options are available to achieve the results you desire. You’ll know when you’ve picked the simpler, easier way as you sail through your own version of green light after green light on the path you are traveling.

Scott WintripWhen the Student is Ready, the Teacher is Already There

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