Your Pop-Up Indicator

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This week, thousands of household cooks will be watching for the red indicator to appear that indicates the turkey is ready. How’s your company’s pop-up indicator doing? What’s it telling you about how effective your efforts are to cook up deals?

Every company has it’s own version of a turkey pop-up timer, whether it’s just a gut feeling or a set of metrics that are monitored carefully. As you take time this week to be grateful for all of the blessings in your life, invest a few extra minutes measuring something different about your business as a means to look at your progress in a different light. This could include comparing new activity ratios, analyzing your P&L on a cash instead of accrual basis, or polling former contract or temp workers about their current job satisfaction.

Using these results, you’ll confirm you’re on target or discover an area to address that may improve your profitability. That will give you one more thing for which you can be thankful.

Scott WintripYour Pop-Up Indicator

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